Running effective business meetings is a sign of your potential.

Imagine you are new and you have been given the responsibility to run a business meeting via the corporate video-teleconferencing facility.

It’s expensive to use and booked solid. You have only one hour to conduct your meeting and depart the facility before the next group is scheduled to arrive.

Your boss will be there and you recognize that this session will showcase your leadership and team building skills as well.

You have two primary goals in mind:


  1. You want to show your boss that you can handle this relatively straightforward task.
  2. More important, you want to demonstrate to everyone that you are in control of your project from start to finish.
Effective Business Meetings

Time Management

You know that your time is limited – you must apply basic management principles.

You’ve read articles on time management, but, the reality is, you’ve observed or participated in other meetings that were not productive.

Typically, it is because some do not come prepared or they arrive late.

In this scenario, there are participants at remote locations and it’s likely that they are scheduled for other meetings throughout the day. If you do not maximize the short amount of time you have available, your project will be delayed and it could have a detrimental impact on your desired results.

  • What do you do?

Recruit Others to Help

You’ve heard colleagues complain about poorly run meetings, so you want your meetings to be different.

To maximize precious time, you distribute the agenda and read-ahead materials in advance. You want to ensure everyone arrives having had the opportunity to review the information to improve participation.

You seek several allies who agree to help you by being on time and they come prepared; team players.

They have read all of the materials in advance and they assist you by keeping the discussion focused on the meeting’s purpose.

Your approach is disciplined and well thought and you unified your small group. Before you know it, you established a new company standard by your leadership and example.

Managing vs. Leading

Congratulations!  You were an effective team leader.

  • You made efficient use of resources – the video-teleconferencing facility – demonstrating that you are responsible.
  • You introduced teamwork into your workplace by demonstrating respect for others’ time – everyone appreciates that!

Incorporate these and other time management principles into your strategy.

By running effective business meetings, you’ll change the normal routine and you’ll be demonstrating your leadership potential.


Developing Leadership Skills

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Tom Crea

Tom Crea is an author, leadership speaker, and leadership development coach who travels from Pittsburgh, PA.  Tom's passion is sharing lessons learned in how learning to delegate made his life easier.