Leadership Assessment Tools

Self-awareness is critical for every leader, so take advantage of any of the leadership assessment tools on the market to help you understand yourself better.  Most important, know your limitations:

  • Are your blind spots holding you back?

What's a Blind Spot?

leadership assessment tools
Blind Spot vs. Weakness:
  • A blind spot is something you're aware of and are able to make the necessary corrections
  • A weakness is something you are unaware, or you choose to do nothing about

Think back to when you were learning to drive.  Biology tells us that we have a blind spot forty-five degrees off of each eye.


Corrective Action:

Turn your head.

Leadership Blind Spots

The most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness, which helps them recognize a communication gap before it turns into workplace conflict.

With increased self-awareness, you will appreciate your strengths more fully, and, acknowledge your limitations, or blind spots.

Think back to when you were in Driver’s Education. Your instructor taught you to turn your head left and right while driving, especially at intersections.

  • Why?

Blind spots: one 45-degrees off of our left front, and another 45-degrees off of our right front. If you don’t turn your head, you might have a terrible accident.

Like biology, a leadership blind spot becomes a weakness if and only if you are not aware of it, you don’t recognize it, or you simply choose to ignore it.

  • Are you aware of your leadership blind spots, and what are you doing to prevent them from becoming a weakness?
We all have them – how you choose to respond matters most!


My ADVanced Insights assessment has been one of the most illuminating personal/career tools that I have ever used.  Less than one half-hour to complete, it is astounding the specifics I learned about my personal strengths…  and my blind spots.  Armed with greater self-awareness, I am better prepared to interact with people of all styles.  If you want to be a more effective leader, team player, or communicator, I recommend Tom’s workshop as well.

Irene G.

These assessments have been eye opening for our leadership team.  By reviewing the challenges and gifts of each team member, we have been able to re-design job descriptions to meet the strengths of the team, thus increasing sales by 50%.

Kelly P.

President, Marketing & Sales Firm