Leadership Development Seminars

Your recruiting & retention efforts depend upon effective communication and living your values.


Project driven professionals have a tough job: limited resources, tight deadlines, and, they must coordinate efforts of those who don’t report to them directly (matrix teams).

Very few strike the right balance. This leaves:

  • teams wanting leadership
  • executives annoyed with project delays, and
  • everyone frustrated with miscommunication.

You simply aren’t getting the results you hoped to achieve. This problem is compounded when individuals decide to do things their way. “Lone rangers” cause others to feel undervalued and unappreciated, creating discord within your team.

That’s where Blackhawk’s unique “military meets Servant Leadership” programs will transform your project driven professionals into truly effective leaders. Their mindset will shift to:


One vision. One team.


Instill an attitude of teamwork and cooperation critical to precision military operations and an execution mind-set in your project driven professionals.

Servant Leadership:

Be a Guiding Light For Your Team

Relate & Communicate:

Building Bridges and Connecting with Others

Servant Leadership:

Creating a Culture for Winning Teams

“… His experience is evident and he has helped me tremendously.”

Marty Stranges

Owner, Pittsburgh Computer Solutions

“… Enjoyed his real world military experience … and passion for leadership.”

Conference Attendee

PMI Central Virginia Chapter

“ … His extensive experience, passion, caring, and intelligence will help you bring positive change into your life or business.”

Guy Miller

Sr. Business Process Manager, Evoqua Water Technologies

Attendees will discover:

  • Core Servant Leadership principles that build trust and confidence

  • How to apply the Army’s “Be, Know, Do” approach to leadership

  • How to be present and really serve your team

  • How to inspire others to work together

  • How to gather the resources to execute, so you and your team are fully equipped to perform

Attendees will learn:

  • How Servant Leadership principles foster communication

  • The 4 communication styles and how they prefer to communicate

  • 19 tips to identify any person’s style

  • How to leverage these insights and connect with any style

  • How to facilitate interaction among team members who “speak different languages”

Attendees will discover:

  • How to apply 8 Servant Leadership principles so that you build a community

  • How to delegate more effectively so that members feel valued, capable, and excited to accomplish more

  • The importance of developing leaders instead of those who do nothing but follow

  • How to encourage team members to take ownership of their work in a way that benefits everyone (not just the company)

  • The simple change they can make in their project review processes that will breed brilliant ideas and innovative solutions