Leadership Keynote Speaker

  • Values are like magnets. They are what a company markets to attract like-minded people… recruiting.
  • When you live your values you create a unique culture, and retain your best people… retention.

Tom’s Keynotes

Servant Leadership:

Be a Guiding Light for Your Team

Do you struggle getting others to follow? What is the secret to good leadership?

“40% of first time managers fail within the first 18 months; 82% of the time, the reason is a failure to build relationships”

— Center for Creative Leadership

If your team members seem like they lack initiative or they are not giving it their best, maybe you could inspire them to do more. More often than not, people quit their bosses, not their jobs.

In this engaging and interactive session, we’ll address what it takes develop trust within your team and build lasting relationships.

Servant leaders are rare, guiding lights; beacons, who others willingly follow.


Lead & Succeed:

We choose to follow those who are deserving of our trust. Too often, first time managers fail because they underestimate the importance of building relationships. Instead of taking care of your people, you might be treating your most precious resource like they are an asset or a line item.

Everyone wants to feel like they made the right choice and work in a place where they feel comfortable. This session addresses leadership fundamentals like setting the example, living your values, and providing what we want most as individuals.

  • We all want to be treated with dignity and respect, and,
  • We all want the opportunity to learn and grow
In this session, Leaders will:
  1. Realize that self-awareness is fundamental to effective leadership
  2. Recognize that people choose friends and join organizations for a reason
  3. Discover why living your values inspires others to deliver more
  • Length: 1 hour

Relate & Communicate:

Building Bridges & Connecting with Others

Is it any surprise that the most effective leaders also happen to be the most effective communicators? Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most powerful skills you can possess and those you must continually improve.

“68% recruiters rate communication skills among the most important”

What if you knew how everyone on your team and even customers preferred to communicate and you could connect with anyone?


Relate & Communicate: 

When you decode communication styles and discover the four basic preferences, you can begin connecting like never before.

In this fun, engaging and interactive session, you’ll use my tip sheets to assess 19 different signals that answer two basic questions: Introvert or extrovert? People- or task-oriented?

These insights will help you learn to identify each of four communication styles, FAST— with tips you can begin applying that very day.

Whether an individual contributor or team leader, you’ll enhance your ability to relate and communicate with others—on the job, with customers, and even at home.


In this session, you will: 
  • Determine your preferred communication style and learn to recognize the four styles
  • Compare and contrast styles to gain deeper insights into differing preferences to become more effective with everyone
  • Build the bridges of understanding and connect with anyone you meet to accomplish more, faster, with less headaches and hassle
  • Be more effective with the communication style that drives you crazy
  • Length: 1 hour

Servant Leadership:

Creating a Culture for Winning Teams

Do you struggle with meeting anything but routine goals? Is employee turnover is holding you back?

“85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.”

— Gallup, State of the Global Workplace report, Dec 20, 2017

If your team appears to lack pride in their work or you struggle with meeting anything but routine goals, maybe there are things you could improve upon. More often than not, people quit their bosses, not their jobs.

  • Why should employees remain dedicated to your team’s goals?
Instill & Fulfill:

We join teams or organizations for a reason.  We decide to play by the rules and work together because we believe that we found a place where we can be a part of something greater. Yet, something is missing.

Values are like magnets,

  • They are what a company markets to attract like-minded people… recruiting.

When you live your values,

  • You create a unique culture, and retain your best people… retention.

This session moves beyond leadership fundamentals to understanding and applying effective communication skills, the heart of build relationship and creating winning teams:

  • Everyone wants his or her contributions to matter, and
  • We want to be a part of something greater, a winning team


In this session, leaders will discover why:
  • Realize the importance of building relationships (Leadership)
  • Recognize perceptions because we all have different vantage points (Communication)
  • Discover why developing others inspires them to do more than you imagined (Teamwork)
  • Length: 1 hour